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This is the official site of S.C. MAGNUM SX SRL. The content, texts, graphics, photos, software, logos of this site as well as any other materials presented on this site, are protected by copyright and are property of S.C. MAGNUM SX SRL. Non of this site’s materials can be partially or entirely reproduced or changed, without a written confirmation of S.C. MAGNUM SX SRL.

Those users who reproduce or change materials from this site will support the consequences according to Romanian and International Law regarding copyrights. Any evetual litigation related to this site shall be settled by the Romanian competent courts.

Rights of use

Persons who access this website have the following rights:

- to explor the contents of the site;

- to reproduce, to translate or to use the published information, only by indicating the source;

- to copy or to print some materials only in personal and noncommercial purposes;

- to insert into own pages of some links toward www.magsx.ro website.

When the links are included in commercial or advertising websites, opening of a new window will be assured for visualizing www.magsx.ro website.

Using personal data

S.C. MAGNUM SX SRL, as the owner of www.magsx.ro website, undertakes to keep the confidentiality of the information supplied by yourself when accessing and filling in the electronical files from the site.

S.C. MAGNUM SX SRL pprotects the colected personal data and assures those persons who are transmiting personal data that these will not be revealed to third parties only under conditions of the law.

nformation of personal nature can be used by us only in purposes asociated with commercialization of services and products of S.C. MAGNUM SX SRL such as:

- applications processing;

- solving different applications, questions or complaints you may have;

- implementation of market studies, marketing of products and services of S.C. MAGNUM SX SRL;

- contacting our clients (by post, E-mail or telephone) regarding offers of products and services of S.C. MAGNUM SX SRL.

Disputes and conflicts

Any attempt of unauthorized access or embezzlement of this site will be reported to competent authorities. Any conflict between the company and customers is trying to be amiable resolved with an agreement between the two parties. In case this will not be possible, provisions of Romanian Law will be applied. Any conflict will be solved by the Romanian competent courts.

S.C. MAGNUM SX SRL an change in any moment these Terms of Use of using the site www.magsx.ro, without a preliminary notification of the user. The user will have permanent access to the Terms of Use for using our services, to be able to see them in any moment.