The used raw material to obtain the synthetic products is:
P.A. 6.6 textured.
P.A. 6.6 not textured.
Different types of Lycra yarns, clothed or nude, depending on the created designs.

Cotton is a vegetable fiber that comes from the fruit (capsules) of cotton plants. It is cellulose fiber that contains 96,13% cellulose and other substances like pectic substances (1,92%), protein substances (0,87%), waxes and fats (0,63%) and mineral content (0,45%).

Yarns characteristics:

- fineness: 32/2 NE, 38/2 NE, 40/2 NE, 44/2 NE, 60/2 NE;

Yarns characteristics:

- fineness: 70/20x1 DEN, 40/12X2 DEN, 70/20X2 DEN, 100/34X1 DEN;

It is an elastomeric and polyurethane fiber with a high elasticity which preserve the shape and comfort of the textile product. It's similar with Spandex fiber. It is available with different degrees of brightness: matte, glossy, semi-transparent or transparent. It confers elasticity and strength to the fabrics and knits, improve posture, draping, comfort and reduces the product's cresing. It's always associated with other natural fibers (cotton, wool, silk) or synthetic (nylon) in variable proportions between 2 and 40% of the final composition of the fabric.

Romania Distributor:


These natural yarns are like a caress because of its softer, fresher and lighter fibers than cotton. Bamboo is suitable for all occasions.

The qulity is superior to other natural fibers due to the softness and antistatic and antibacterial characteristics.


- excellent permeability;

- more absorbant than cotton;

- softness;

- antistatic;

- antibacterial;

- no creasing;

- does not peel;


Natural fiber made from beechwood which is a glossy,durable,comfortable and soft fiber.


- softness;

- silk efect;

- smoother than silk and cashmere;

- natural;

- very high quality;



- no creasing;

- softness;

- pleasant to wear;

- keep the heat;

- very high quality;


Fiber of cultivated wood, it's a fabric which absorbs ans easily gives up the dampness providing a "physical enviroment" with dry surface. These properties maintain the body temperature.


Coolmax is a trademark for a series of technical fabrics developed in 1986 by DuPont Textiles (now Invista). The fabrics are specially designed to improve permeability compared with other natural fibers such as cotton.


Invista (Switerland)
Conti Fibre (Italy)
Yarneea (Săvineşti)
Filix (France)
Bezema (Switerland)
Drago (Romania)
Elton (Romania)
Yarn Trade (Romania)