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MAGNUM SX Development Strategy is based on initiating of research activities for development of technologies able to generate added value; identifying and addressing new market segments; designing of textile products with new characteristics and functionalities through multifunctional materials, rapid structure designing and prototyping. As examples of new products resulted from research activity we can mention : antibacterial socks and gradual compression stockings (GCS). Magnum Sx is the unique Romanian manufacturer of GCS.

Since its establishment, the company’s main objective was to ensure the highest quality of products and services in accordance with customer requirements, legal requirements and regulations as well as to increase the performance in use of the products.

Compression hosiery manufacturing technology is constantly developing new products to create advanced performance demanded by their range of application.

Our Research and Development department’s main objective is to develop new textile products with prophilacting and therapeutical actions design for people with loco-motor and neurological conditions.

The company will continue to develop new manufacturing concepts to generate new products that combine (used) interdiciplinare, medical, mechanical, electronical and digital knowledge.

There is particular interest of the company to experience and evaluate new products interaction with users, which consist mainly in the clinical test response concerning the effect of therapy in the proceedings.

The specific objectives of the R&D department consist of the followings:

- highlighting of current and future national and European / international potential of textile products to improve quality of life and the achievement of specific technologies;

- obtaining of products with optimized and functionalized potential by using of some specific technologies for textile processing;

- design, development and testing of different knitted products with high added value - experimental models;

- presentation and demonstration of functionality and utility of products;

- establishing, testing, validation and elaboration of technical documentation for prototypes and introducing them in manufacturing.